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too good for bad boys, too bad for good boys 

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I realize that I am so lucky, for I was able to not only experience My Chemical Romance live, but that it was their last show in our native New Jersey on a beautiful fucking May Saturday almost a year ago.

I got the opportunity to meet Donna Way only a week or two later after Bamboozle last year, at a little street fair in my old town. (and she gave me her fucking phone number, without me asking.)

I have Gerard & Mikey Way’s mother’s phone number in my contacts.

I have pictures and footage on my phone of the last My Chemical Romance performance.

I am both happy and devastated, but so grateful. 

Alright. So far my spring break:

Friday: Gave blood; Got asked to prom; went to see Fear Nuttin & The Expendables

Saturday: Went to see Pink; Found out MCR broke up.

By far the most emotional two days of my life.